Summer Restaurant Promotions

Restaurant Promotions

 Posted on Jun 06, 2021

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In June, July, and August, The Campus Diner will be offering the following delicious menu items: Chicken Wings, Potato and Chicken Roti, Grilled Halloumi Cheeseburger, Grilled seafood, Homestyle lasagna with Bolognese meat sauce and for the meat Lover Pizza: Peperoni, beef, sausage, and vegetables.

Restaurant's Open Buffet  

Steak Seven

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10th Hole

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Harbor Club 

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During Summer, Steak Seven, Golf Club, Harbor Club and Pure restaurants will be offering international themed buffets. Check the poster for the dates and remember to book your dinner in advance.

Summer Specials

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From spicy steak pizza, Alfredo pasta to Rainbow maki all available this summer at Steak Seven, 10th Hole Golf Club, Harbor Club, Pure and IRC Deli shop.

Al Marsa

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 Restaurant Promotions

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