Introducing CinQ by Office of the Arts

Introducing CinQ by Office of the Arts

 Posted on May 02, 2021

You created. We curated.

Born in April 2020, through a call for submissions, CinQ—Culture in Quarantine—is a user-generated content (UGC) website and companion social media platforms. As a digital repository, it is dedicated to igniting, sustaining and archiving creative endeavors from our fellow KAUSTians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To show and strengthen our collective resilience, to look at what is happening around us, to listen to people in our community, and learn and grow from our experiences.

CinQ shall serve as a legacy of positivity during this challenging period and will sharpen our understanding of the importance of arts and culture as “essential services,” as well as their contribution to our well-being.

Explore, contribute and most importantly, enjoy our new site!

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Kind regards,

Solkem N’Gangbet
Head of Office of the Arts

About the Office of the Arts
Under the umbrella of Academic Affairs, the Office of the Arts consists of a visual and performing arts team with a mission to promote art, science and culture in KAUST, the Kingdom, and in the wider global context.

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Having an idea and turning it into an ever-growing user-generated content website is as hard as it sounds. The experience is both challenging and rewarding. We appreciate that our impact is multiplied by the efforts, knowledge, and resources of our collaborators/colleagues: senior management; all our present and future submitters without whom CinQ could not exist; our two amazing 2020 WISE interns; the many contributors/ facilitators/sources of information from our initial “QuaranTeam,” Community Life, GBC, HSE, TKS; and last but not least our own Academic Affairs’ business and administrative support.

Introducing CinQ by Office of the Arts

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