New Community Club! KAUST Off-road Exploration Club

KAUST Off-road Exploration Club

 Posted on Apr 29, 2021

The KAUST Off-road Exploration Club has been created in response to demand and offers community members the opportunity to learn more about off-road exploring in the Kingdom, and also to build up their experience and expertise with off-roading in the desert.

The aims of the Club are to:

  • Provide information on off-road exploration and trips.
  • Build experience and confidence in undertaking off-road exploration.
  • Increase safety on off-road trips.
  • Develop links to local contacts.
  • Ensure off-road exploration is undertaken in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way.

To that end, we plan to:

  • Provide information about areas to visit, equipment you should take with you and guidelines to follow.
  • Travel to sites in KSA with our members and friends.
  • Offer a website and a wiki to share information for interested “off-roaders”.
  • Organize training and practice events in off-road driving.

The club is open for all people living in and/or employed at KAUST.

More information can be found on our Community Club page of the Community Life website.

KAUST Off-road Exploration Club

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