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 Posted on Feb 04, 2021

The Community English Program is designed as an opportunity for community members to improve their English. The classes are taught by experienced teachers and the curriculum follows the book series "English Unlimited" by Cambridge University Press, along with supplemental materials. Instruction is focused on vocabulary, grammar, conversation, along with speaking, listening, writing, reading, and everyday English. 

 This program is designed to improve your English in many areas and has been a successful part of KAUST for ten years. 


How do registrations and classes work?   

This semester runs for 7 weeks, from February 28 to April 22. All classes are held on Zoom. 

There will be not classes during the TKS spring break of March 14 to 18 

Classes run on Sundays and Tuesdays or Mondays and Wednesdays in the morning, and each class is 90-minutes.  Days and times depend on the class level and teacher availability.  You will be placed into a class level – Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate. 


The price for this semester is 700 SAR + VAT, (805 SAR, including VAT).  Payment and registration must be made by Monday, February 22 at Harbor Sports Club Reception. 

Each student will receive a new course book and a workbook – included in the price. 


Register today!     


To register, please fill out the registration form by Monday, February 22.    
 For questions or inquiries please contact 

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English Program 

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