Pre-order premium meat from Chopped

Pre-order premium meat from Chopped

 Posted on Feb 01, 2021

​Fresh, premium-quality meat from the popular Jeddah-based Chopped meat shop is now available for pre-order at Steak Seven restaurant. Once you've ordered, you have the option to pick up the raw meat to grill at home or have Steak Seven cook it and serve you at the restaurant with special offers on your sides.

This is a new concept being trialed by Community Life. We are monitoring utilization, so if you would like to see this initiative continue, please make use of it.

How to order?

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Pre-orders will be accepted Monday through Thursday, starting February 1st.

To place your order, Email or call 012 808-5260/012 808-6244.  Once ordered, you will receive a confirmation email along with the receipt. A service charge of 35.00 SAR per order will be added to your total.

Chopped Meat Menu

You can pick up your order on Sunday each week from Steak Seven during the restaurant's regular operating hours. You will also have the option of dining at Steak Seven and enjoy your order of meat.

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Pre-order premium meat from Chopped

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