Get on Your Bike! November 25-27

Get on Your Bike! November 25-27

 Posted on Nov 19, 2020

The pandemic has impacted so many of our ordinary activities,  but cycling is something that can still be done safely. Not only that, but cycling is good for our mental and physical health, and helps the planet too.

Get on Your Bike! is an initiative designed to remind us of the many individual and environmental benefits of cycling. It involves education, competitions, group activities, treasure hunts and more.

Adapting from the previous Bike Week program, Get on Your Bike! will now run every quarter. The first edition of the program will take place from November 25-27 and will focus on activities that can take place individually and in small groups.  

We will be offering another short program in February and aim to provide the KAUST Bike Race and Family Bike Ride at that time.

Join in the activities and enter the competitions for a chance to win a brand new bike! 

Visit the Get on Your Bike! website to see the full schedule of events

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Get on Your Bike! November 25-27

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