Our Response to COVID-19

Our Response to COVID-19

 Posted on Nov 02, 2020

As a community, we are adapting to the new normal and we are not just surviving but continuing to thrive. A new Our Response to COVID-19 webpage has been developed to provide a curated set of information that aims to be a source of quick and easy COVID-19 related information, as well as a record of the community effort to respond to the pandemic.

This resource is easily accessible from the front page of the Community Life website and includes:

  • Latest News & Announcements – news and updates to community services and recreation services.
  • Health & Wellness – the Keeping KAUST Safe guidelines and other physical and mental wellness programs.
  • Community Resilience – our response to the pandemic both as a community and as individuals within a community.
  • Schools & Day Care – how our day care and schools are managing the new normal and the systems they have in place to protect our children.
  • University – how our faculty, researchers, students, and alumni are contributing to the efforts to alleviate the COVID-19 pandemic through their research and product development.

Visit the Our Response to COVID-19 webpage

If you are working on something you believe should be added to this list, please email getengaged@kaust.edu.sa.

Our Response to COVID-19

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