Your Smiley Terminal Feedback

The Results of Your Smiley Terminal Feedback

 Posted on May 28, 2019

Your Smiley Terminal Feedback  



Community Life is committed to continual improvement of the level and range of services available to our community members. To help us achieve this, we installed a number of Smiley Terminals in various locations throughout the community, covering several recreational, retail and food outlets. 


The Smiley Terminals ask a simple question and have four smiley face responses which range from ‘very happy’ (green) to ‘very unhappy’ (red) to capture your customer satisfaction levels. Some of the machines will ask further questions to get a full understanding of your feedback. 


In total we have 14 devices, all with the aim to help us listen, learn, and adapt based on your feedback. 

To keep you informed, we regularly report back to the community. 


Satisfaction rate 


We would like to take this opportunity and share the latest results with you, from February up to the beginning of May. 


During this period, a combined Happy Index Score of 84.6 was achieved. This was based on over 37,300 responses, equating to an average of 401 responses per day so thank you for your numerous feedback! 


As the image below shows, no location scored below 77.6%, with four of the venues reaching above a 90% satisfaction score.


Events Breakdown 

Many events took place in the past couple of months, and we also wanted to know how you felt about them. All this data was collected and analyzed to make targeted, data-driven improvements to our community events. 

This spring, the Fun Run turned out to be the most loved event by our KAUST community! 


Making you happy  

We want to keep improving our community, and you can help us do that. If you see a Smiley Terminal, we encourage you to take a moment and rate your experience. We highly value your feedback. 


Please be mindful that this data is used in meaningful ways, so kindly teach your children to use it accordingly. 



Omar Al-Omar
Director, Community Services & Engagement 

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The Results of Your Smiley Terminal Feedback