Get Engaged

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Get Engaged, get involved

Everyone has talents and skills and ​every person can make a valuable contribution to their community. We invite you all to get engaged and get involved to make a positive difference and make new friends along the​​ way. When you commit your time and effort to your community, you help make it a better place.

  • If you have an idea or suggestion that might benefit the community, we want to hear from you - ​e.g. community members had a great idea about setting up a reuse/recycling shop in the community where unwanted household items could be sold. All proceeds will go to good causes in Thuwal. The shop will be opening soon - watch this space!
  • Interested​ in volunteering for com​munity events or projects? Contact us to lend a hand or join a community taskforce - e.g. a group of community members shared their dream of hosting an Abaya Fashion Show at KAUST. The project has commenced and after a call for volunteers, a community team is busy with project planning and preparations.
  • Got a hobby or interest and looking to connect with others at KAUST that share your passion? We can help you network or set up a new self-directed group - e.g. ​community members with a passion for arts, crafts and photography have shared their idea for developing an Artisan Fair where they can showcase and sell their wares - we will help them host the first fair in September during the Community Open Day! ​

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