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Movement Club promotes genres of movement within the KAUST Community. Movement Club is providing an environment where participants are able to extend upon their current skill levels in movement genres. Movement Club intends to develop an understanding of the interest of the KAUST Community in different genres expressive movement and strive to find qualified teachers and interested members of the Community to fulfill this need.

Membership is open to the KAUST community. If interested, please visit us.

  • Express your Passion through Dancing!

    Class Prices
    Children:  Fee per semester (according to the class)
    Adults:  TKS student, KAUST student, Domestic Helpers KAUST IDs 20 SAR.
    All other KAUST ID holders 30 SAR.

    For Inquiries Contact Us

  • Objective of the Club

    • Promote genres of movement within the KAUST Community.
    • Organize events and activities that promote culture and self-expression of participants and community members.
    • Ensure an environment emphasizing cooperation, consideration, respect for cultural heritage, mutual encouragement.
    • Provide an environment where participants are able to extend upon their current skill levels in movement genres.
    • Liaise with SDG Coordinator with regards to provision of venues for practice and performance of skills and talents.
    • Provide opportunities for the KAUST Community to learn more about expressive genres and disseminate information on matters related to this SDG.
    • Develop an understanding of the interest of the KAUST Community in different genres expressive movement and strive to find qualified teachers and interested members of the Community to fulfill this need.

    Membership Eligibility

    All members of the KAUST Community, both employed by KAUST directly or sub-contracted but living on site are eligible for membership to the Movement SDG as outlined below:

    • KAUST Faculty and staff
    • Community members and their eligible dependents

    Membership Requirements

    • Parental consent for anyone under the age of 18.

    The parent responsible for the minor will also be bound to the SDG Code of Conduct.

    View SDG Code of Conduct

    Movement Classes

    Children Classes:
    • Tap Uses your feet to explore the various rhythms found in music.

    • Ballet Classes (Kids, Youth). Focusing on inner alignment and core strength, using ballet techniques of proper arm and feet position to attain this focus.
      Ballet classes are grouped by ages as follows: Pre-Ballet (2-3 yrs.), Creative Ballet (4-6 yrs.), Essence of Ballet 1-A (6-7 yrs.), Essence of Ballet 1-B (7-8 yrs.), Essence of Ballet 2 (9-18 yrs).

    • ​Hip Hop. Upbeat session of moving to good beats and learning fun choreographies. No need to already know how to do it only thing required is a desire to learn.

    • Contemporary. Movement performance genre that incorporates techniques from classical, modern and jazz styles. This genre uses emotional and character-based movement to interpret music.

    • Rhythmic Gymnastic.

    • View Children Class Schedule

    Adults Classes:
    • Contemporary. Deep warm up and streching before starting on beautiful choreographies. Contemporary classes are focusing on dance-music relationship where balance and lightness are one. All levels are welcome.

    • Arabic Folklore. Learning choreography of the Egyptian classics of Ferkat Reda. Move to the music of one of the greatest choreographers while having some fun! This is intermediate level and knowledge of arabic movement is required.

    • ​Jazz. Jazz movement class includes a variety of dance styles. Classes are structured to provide participants with strength and flexibility training, basic dance technique, and inspiring choreography to popular music. In this class, you will have fun, have a great workout, make new friends, and leave feeling exhilarated. All levels welcome.                          

    • Mixed Choreography. Mixed choreography will give students an opportunity to experience various styles of dance including jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, modern, lyrical, pop and more! Each week or second week will bring a new style with new choreography as well as a chance to develop technique and skills such as leaps, jumps and pirouettes.

    • Arabic Movement. Developing arabic movements along a choreography that will be streched over several weeks. You will get better in hips isolation and following rhythms among other things! All levels welcome.

    • Modern Dance. It was formed as a deviation from classical ballet, and though it contains many elements of ballet, it is much freer dance form. Be prepared to use your whole body, to swing, to roll on the floor, and to use mucles you didn't realize you had!

    • Indian Dances. A mix of Bollywood and Bangra movements, perfect workout mixing cardio, dynamism and a lot of fun! You will be dancing on some of the famous Indian songs or remix. All levels welcome.

    • Salsa Dancing - Beginners. Perfect to gain the basic knowledge of Salsa dance: from the bacis steps to salsa dancing, passing by performing the salsa right turn and partnering. All the basics will then be combined together and with other steps/moves coming from other Latin dance (e.g merengue, chacha, mambo, etc). Finally, Cuban Salsa (song) and salsa tips to improve interaction with partner during a social dance.

    • View Adults Class Schedule


    General Meetings are for all members of Movement SDG, convened for the purpose of discussing Movement SDG business and making decisions.

    The Annual General Meetings(AGM) shall be held in the final two months of The KAUST School academic year. Prospective members may be invited to attend as observers. The AGM shall primarily be for the election of Committee Officers, ratification of the annual financial report and approval of the President’s Annual Report. The Executive and Full Committees thus elected will take office at the start of The KAUST School new academic year each August.

    A Special Gereral Meetings (SGM) may be convened, in exceptional circumstances, to discuss urgent matters, on written request of at least ten percent (10%) of regular Movement SDG members, or fifty percent (50%) of Board Officers, or decision of the President.

    Decisions at General Meeting are taken by simple majority vote. The President has a casting vote.

    Compliance and Governance

    Movement SDG will be subject to all KAUST rules and regulations regarding the functioning of Movement SDG, including the guidelines for Self‐Directed Groups. In cases of conflict, the rules of KAUST will always take precedence over the Constitution of Movement SDG​ 

    Dress Code Click here

    Code Of Conduct Click here

    Image Release Statement Click here

    Group Officers

    • President - Rea Osman
    • Secretary - Gabrielle Abelskamp
    • Treasurer - Maya Fritz
    • Communication - Ainur Yerzhankyzy, Alejendra Perea Baretto, Aline Vimond, Gaurav Agarwal, Justine Braguy
    • Special Events Coordinator - Melissa Manuel

    Join Us

    If you would like to teach a dance class or help to run the group, please feel free to contact us at

    Follow our news on our Facebook page (ID required for admission): Movement group

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