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The Community Garden is a place where KAUST community members meet and share seeds, gardening experience and grow their own produce organically. It is also a pesticide free, biological environment, using organic compost and sustainable ways of growing crops. The Gardening Club is a place for learning. Workshops, gatherings, fun competitions and selling produce at the Community Markets are our core activities.

Open to the KAUST community, if interested please email or check out our facebook page.

  • Community Garden Location
    At the back of Oasis Apartments.
    (See Map)

    This Club is currently seeking new leadership. Learn more and take the lead!

    Membership Due:
    No Annual fee.
    Workshops are charged for separately.
    Allotment (8m2) in the Community Garden is charged SR 500/year.

    KAUST community members with green fingers or not.

    For Inquiries Contact Us

  • Community Garden

    The Community Garden allows its tenant members to grow organic crops in good soil, giving them access to irrigation, composting, giving them near to ideal growth conditions. The tenants have access to tools, some seeds, water, workshops (paid) and an yearly rented allotment.

    Upcoming Workshops and Activities

    • Opening Day: January 26, 2019 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.Check Here

    Community Garden Rules

    Please refer to the Guidelines (pdf).

    Group Officer

    This Club is currently seeking new leadership. Learn more and take the lead!
    Ana Margarida Costa
    Ana Sofia Manjua Viegas
    Sabrina Vettori

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