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The Events and Musicians Club is established to organize community members with a general interest in music and musical performance within the community, showcasing talent in the region as well as promoting cultural awareness and exchange through various organized events. 

  • For Inquiries Contact Us
    Phone: 054 743 8636

  • The Objective of the Club

    Our primary objective is to organize events to promote music. The community houses a rich cultural diversity within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Any multicultural community will encounter sensitive cultural issues, which should be addressed by fostering a respectful environment to exchange the knowledge and art of music.


    • Ensure space and resources are reserved for members to practice.
    • Establish a committee for organizing live performances on campus.
    • Help members secure resources and a venue to hold live performances.
    • Plan instructional courses on musical performance and composition.
    • Assist in the networking of members with common musical interests


    • Music Lessons
    • Musical Gear Rental
    • Musical Instrument Set-up & Repair
    • Musical Gear Purchasing Assistance
    • Hosting Your Events
    • Booking Your Band/Group in Community Events
    • Information on upcoming Events & Gatherings

    Talented or Not?

    We are always looking for new members to join us and help create a great musical environment in our community.

    If your the next Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, Vanessa Mae or want to be part of U2, we want your to join us.

    If singing or musical instruments are not your thing, no problem. We need great leaders, support staff, sound engineers, lighting specialists, filmographers and stage hands. If you like music, we like you!

    Registration Form and Contact Details

    If you wish to join the group, please complete the Registration Form by clicking the button below.
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    for any information about the group or if you have any questions, email us at:

    Group Charter

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    Group Officers

    President (Interim)
    Phillip Silich

    VP and Treasurer

    Eryk de la Montaña
    Equipment Manager
    Phillip Silich

    Past Performances

    • Cancer Breast Campaign, October 2016
    • KAUST jazz festival, April 2016
    • Amalgamania in 2016
    • Flavors Food Festival on March 12, 2014
    • International Day in March 2014
    • Earth Day Celebration in April 2014
    • Amalgamania in May 2014

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