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Cricket was invented in the vast fields of England, supposedly by shepherds who herded their flock. Later on this game was shown benevolence by aristocrats, and now has the stature of being England's national game. After a century now, cricket stands in the international arena, with a place of its own.

Membership is open to the KAUST community, approved service providers and graduates.

  • Take your Cricket Skills to another level!
    6:00 AM - 10:00 PM Daily

    For Inquiries Contact Us
    Phone: 054 470 0325

  • The Objective of the Club

    • Introduce the KAUST community to the game of Cricket.
    • Teach Cricket to interested community members.
    • Arrange Cricket matches and tournaments at KAUST.

    The Game

    Cricket involves two teams with 11 players on each side. The captain who wins the toss decides whether his team bats or bowls first. If they bat first , their aim is to score a lot of runs and make sure the other team does not reach that score.

    Formats of the Game

    Cricket is played in many formats , but the most popular are TEST CRICKET and ONE DAY cricket. In TEST cricket game goes on for 5 days, with each team batting twice - if time permits. ONE DAY is the most popular format, with each team getting 300 balls to score runs. And the other team tries to outscore them within the same number of balls.

    Three functions of the players are Batting, Bowling & Fielding.

    Key Players

    Batsmen - One who scores runs of the balls bowled by the bowler.
    Bowler - One who bowls, and tries to get the batsmen "out" (dismissed from the ground).
    Players - Ten others who assist the bowler in achieving his goal, and prevent the batsmen from scoring runs.

    Membership Fees

    The annual membership fee is 50 SAR
    The membership fees allow all members to participate for FREE in any of the SDG organized events for the coming season.

    Non-members and visitors will be charged SAR 25 PER EVENT if they wish to participate.

    Next Meeting And Event

    Please check the calendar for updated arts events and meetings.

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    Group Officers

    Niketan Sarabhai Patel
    Avijeet Ray

    Sandeep S. Gholap

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