Programs, Projects & Initiatives

Programs, Projects & Initiatives

We engage with our community and colleagues across the University to support a range of programs and initiatives that are important in our community and across the world.

We encourage you to get involved with our programs, projects, and initiatives which include: 

  • Welcome to KAUST

    Welcome to KAUST

    New to KAUST? Find out how this program is helping new families to settle quickly into our KAUST community… and how you can get involved.

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  • WISE Internship Program

    WISE Internship Program

    Work Internship, Student Experience (WISE) is a summer internship program for TKS students and the children of KAUST residents.

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  • Youth Programs

    Youth Programs

    We have a dedicated youth space and are seeking volunteers to help us develop more programs and activities for our teens.

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  • Community Wellness Programs

    Community Wellness Programs

    Wellbeing programs are run throughout the year, in collaboration with KAUST Health, Recreation and other the wellbeing advocates in the community.

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  • Enhancement Projects

    Enhancement Projects

    We continuously review the use and condition of our community spaces and form projects teams to improve the facilities and programming. Find out how you can get involved.

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  • Volunteering Opportunities

    Volunteering Opportunities

    In addition to specific programs and projects, there are many ways that our community members can support to the community and our neighbors.

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