Meet the Team

Meet the team

Meet the people who are working with our community on projects, initiatives, and clubs.

  • Nicki Talbot

    Nicki Talbot

    Manager, Community Development
    Nicki moved to KAUST in 2013 from Dubai and transferred into Community Life when it was formed in Jan 2017 as Manager, Community Engagement. Nicki lives at KAUST with her husband, Anthony. Nicki has a Masters in Strategic HR and two grown up sons who live in the UK.

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  • Sook-Choi (Manda Tran)

    Sook-Choi (Manda Tran)

    Community Development Specialist Manda relocated to KAUST from Australia in Sept 2019 has previously been an event organizer and community volunteer.

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  • Hannah O

    Hannah O'Callaghan

    Community Development Specialist
    Hannah has lived at KAUST with her husband and three children since 2016.

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  • Samagi (Sami) Villalba

    Samagi (Sami) Villalba

    Community Development Specialist
    Sami has lived at KAUST since 2016 - she arrived at KAUST with her husband and one child and her son was born at KAUST.

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  • Daniel Norseth

    Daniel Norseth

    English Language Program Lead
    Dan is originally from Oregon in the US. He has taught English in the US, in Thailand, for Saudi Aramco and now at KAUST.

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  • Laila Rosly

    Laila Rosly

    Laila relocated to KAUST from South Korea in October 2020 where she was living for three years.

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  • Naoufal Uariachi

    Naoufal Uariachi

    Naoufal arrived in KAUST in 2014 with his wife who teaches at TKS and his two children who are currently university students. Naoufal has a background in teaching and sports management. During his early years at KAUST, he was a member of the activities department at TKS. He recently was coaching sports in various countries.

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