Useful apps, websites, and links for TKS parents and students

TKS parents & students

Community Life welcomes your feedback! If you spot any apps, websites, or links that are missing from this list, please send an email to and we'll be happy to review your suggestions.

  • Google Classroom

    Google Classroom

    Google Classroom is used by students at The KAUST School to access learning materials for all of their subject areas. These learning materials include assignments, activities, quizzes and videos.

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  • PowerSchool


    The PowerSchool Parent Portal is a window into school information for parents. It allows parents to engage with the school for each of their students using a single login.

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  • Managebac


    Provides parents with the ability to keep track of their children’s performance, view upcoming tasks and portfolio items, submit attendance excusals, and communicate directly with teachers for real time updates about their child’s academic standing.

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  • Seesaw


    Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that enables connection between students, parents, and teachers.

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